Thank you for supporting our partnership with Jason Dufner and the Jason Dufner Foundation!

Posted by MSF Real Estate Capital on July 03, 2018
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Our exclusive line of hats were worn by Jason Dufner during the 2018 Memorial Tournament

When we first imagined a partnership with Jason Dufner, we never thought it would have turned out to be so large and so successful. Within a couple hours of the initial press conference during which Jason wore our “Save The Crew” hat, they had sold out. Twitter was aflutter with support and excitement.

We were blown away with all of the conversation and never imagined so many people would be interested in the hats. Jason and the “Save The Crew” hat were featured in several prominent golf magazines, helping to extend the campaign far and wide.

We’re proud to be Columbus-based and happy to donate 25 percent of the sales of our “Save The Crew” hat to the #SaveTheCrew campaign. Additionally, 25 percent of the sales of every design benefited the Jason Dufner Foundation, which provides weekend food bags to more than 1,400 children in Lee County, Alabama.

We’d like to thank everyone who shared, tweeted, featured, and purchased the hats. Your support has been amazing and we can’t thank you enough.

Articles that featured our hats

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