MSF Real Estate Capital partners with Jason Dufner to sponsor a line of hats for 2018 Memorial Tournament

Posted by MSF Real Estate Capital on May 29, 2018
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MSF Real Estate Capital, in conjunction with Jason Dufner and the Jason Dufner Foundation, will present an exclusive line of hats to be worn during Dublin, Ohio's 2018 Memorial Tournament.

Since the beginning of 2018, Dufner has gained a reputation for his increasingly entertaining hat choices during tournament play. At the Honda Classic, Dufner wore a blue hat with the embroidered word “boss” and five gold stars as he played alongside Tiger Woods. This gained quite a bit of buzz within the golf world and was the focus of numerous blogs and articles. Dufner has chosen hats which have designs and graphics that included Notorious B.I.G., camouflage, Cleveland Cavaliers, and an American Flag. Everyone is wondering what hat he will wear next.

Dufner does not have a full-season hat sponsor for the 2018 season, and so he is free to wear any hat he wants.

Both MSF and the Jason Dufner Foundation will be using #MSFDufner on social media before and during the tournament. Follow the hashtag to see the line-up as it’s released and to share photos of the tournament, hats, and Dufner. Follow them on Twitter at and Instagram at

Hats will be available for purchase online for a limited time only. 

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